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BRINKEN - New Chinese cartoon on Canal Panda from August 1st

Canal Panda is premiering yet another Chinese cartoon with an awful dub. Can you guess what I'm talking about? Read the title
Brinken is not new to me, but it's another cartoon from Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture - the makers of Flash and Dash and Hover Champs, and also Infinitiy Nado, Blazing Teens and Fruity Robo (these last three never aired over here).
If you live in China, South Korea or Vietnam, then you may recognize this cartoon. I'm pretty sure that it aired in the Middle East as well.
This is another attempt to cash in on the popularity of a now unpopular product: Infinity Nado is based on Beyblade, while this show is based on Tech Deck.
Here's my attempt at the show's description:
The show is set in the near future (understand it as a couple of years from now), where Tech Deck ripoffs are considered as being popular, to the extent that there's a competition (just like with other Alpha-Auldey properties like Hover Champs and Flash and Dash). Elma is Alon's friend and Elma's father creates a sort of analog tech deck/finger skating item.
Anyway, the plot point of some of these cartoons is "let's win this competition!", which is something the scriptwriters for these shows generally like to do. Here's an episode of the English dub:
You will see an awful dub with the same VAs as the other Alpha-Auldey shows.
BRINKEN is set to premiere on Canal Panda on August 1st at 08:00, repeated at 21:30.

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